i left i remade this blog is dead

basedmanga a réagi à votre billet : hmm

if your using this account again im gonna reblog all ur videos

do it i fuckin dare you i’ll be gone before the notes start

garyfuckingoak a réagi à votre billet : hmm

go back to warchief

nah man i don’t like reusing urls idk

i’m just seein what urls i’ve got on this and my first account


1,089 plays


i remade and only refollowed 70 of you

somehow i got my original minecraft account working but it’s attached to the same email as my desukaan account so now i can log into my original account on the website but whenever i try to login to my desukaan account via my email address (which i have to do) it always tells me my password’s wrong even though i just reset it


i can still log into my desukaan account in the actual game

if i start minecraft via magic launcher, Optifine works but “Sonic Ether’s Unbelievable Shaders” don’t

but if i launch minecraft directly then the shaders work but it looks weird because Optifine doesn’t work